Como ya sabéis, hace ya varios cursos (2010-2011) nos embarcamos en una nueva aventura: una sección bilingüe en nuestro instituto. Con el ánimo de desarrollar al máximo nuestras capacidades, de mantenernos en las líneas de educación actuales y de formarnos de la mejor manera posible, se ha creado esta sección. Y para complementar todo esto, surge este blog.

As you know, several years ago (2010-2011) we started a new project in our high school: a bilingual section. With the aim of developping our capacities as much as possible, continuing with the current educational tendencies and be trained in the best way possible , this section has been created. Thus, to complement everything mentioned before, this blog emerged.

lunes, 7 de enero de 2013


On 26th September we celebrated The International Day of European Languages.  The first year students told us the length and the latitude of every main city that participate in our Comenius Project. Besides, we listened to an audio saying welcome in these languages.

At the end of November, we celebrated Halloween Day. The first year students dressed up and gave sweets to their partners. Later, they visited the Guadalupe School and shared the day with other pupils, participating in a lot of activities.

On November, on Santo Tomás de Aquino´s Day, the winners of the game "Diviértete con la Estadística" got their prize in the Mathematic Building of Extremadura University, in Badajoz.

To celebrate Christmas, the second year students made some Mathematic solids to hold on the Christmas Tree of our high school. And some Christmas Cards.

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