Como ya sabéis, hace ya varios cursos (2010-2011) nos embarcamos en una nueva aventura: una sección bilingüe en nuestro instituto. Con el ánimo de desarrollar al máximo nuestras capacidades, de mantenernos en las líneas de educación actuales y de formarnos de la mejor manera posible, se ha creado esta sección. Y para complementar todo esto, surge este blog.

As you know, several years ago (2010-2011) we started a new project in our high school: a bilingual section. With the aim of developping our capacities as much as possible, continuing with the current educational tendencies and be trained in the best way possible , this section has been created. Thus, to complement everything mentioned before, this blog emerged.

jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2014


The last class with Michael, in 3rd year, was about SCIENTIFIC NOTATION.

It was very enjoyable, because after seeing a video about the topic, in order to remember what we had seen in the Math classes , we discovered a lot of curiosities with very big and very small measurings.

Here you can see some photos of this class.

Edited by María José Serrano Almodóvar


Since several weeks ago, students have been enjoying the experience of having with us an American teacher assistant. Michael is from Washington. We try to learn as much as possible in his classes. 

Our first class with 3rd and 4th years students was tittled : BEAUTY AND MATHS

First of all, he introduced the topic to pupils with some questions about beauty
-What can you say about beauty?
-What a person must have for being a beautiful person? / How must a beutiful person be?
- Do you think the beauty "concept" was the same at the ancient ages and nowadays?
- Do you think beauty follows some pattern?
- Are there any relations between beauty and Maths?

After that, when the students were interested on the topic, we showed  the following video about the GOLDEN RATIO (have a look, it is very very interesting)

At the end, the students had brought a measuring tape and they measured their bodies and their faces (in pairs) to prove if they had golden ration on them!! It was very funny.

Here you have some photos of that class with 4th A.

Edited by María José Serrano Almodóvar


As you know, every 31st October Halloween is celebrated in many countries. It is a traditional American festivity where it is typical to wear terrifying costumes, to decorate pumpkins and to tell scary stories.
Our bilingual section celebrates Halloween this year in the gymnasium of the high school, with many activities and games. Would you like to see it???

Edited by María José Serrano Almodóvar